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Soloist Recording:

Vocal Recording
Vocal Recording with coaching & editing
Concert Grand Piano Recording
Concert Grand Piano Recording with Video
Drums Recording
Drums Recording with editing & sounddesign


Ensemble Recording (simultaniously or overdub):

Acoustic Duo e.g. Vocals & Piano
Acoustic Trio e.g. dr, b, piano
Acoustic Quartett e.g. dr, b, piano, guitar
Pop / Rock Band e.g. dr, b, 2x guitar, keys, vocals
String Ensemble (up to 30 players)
Big Band


Video & Audio Recording:

Get your project in the right place for marketing: shoot some excellent fotos, a video and a high quality sound recording at ONE place!



You got an idea for a new song, but there's no kind of arrangement yet?Let your creativity be formed by professional arrangers - from a computer based production arrangement up to an 86 players orchestra score.



You are looking for a possibilty to mix your tracks with a huge amount of first class analog outboard gear combined with thr routined ear of a music producer? Get the best of two worlds: Contemporary digital processing and lengendary vintage equipment!



Finishing your mixdowns is called mastering. It's no secrect that this process is one of the most sensitive and most important steps in your production. We work only with very experienced mastering engineers in-house and off shore.



A lot of artist, trademarks and commercials are looking for a new song, a new theme melody or a music score. Our think tank of creatives hits the right key!